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I've been crafting stuff for a while, mostly for the open web with JavaScript (even written in CoffeeScript), Node.js (JavaScript server-side), Socket.IO, MongoDB, Redis and Ruby (Jekyll and Rails).

Most of my work was under the umbrella of my little agency Eserre. Now most of my time is spent between SWIG! where I'm a co-founder and lead developer; & Geeklist where I'm a part-time full-stack software engineer.

In my spare time I've helped out on Debian since 2006 & contributed small bits to the open source community.


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Some times I need to get things out of my head, and some of those things are politics-related. Since I know that topic is not of interest for everybody I have separated everything I do or write from politics and yet write/do them to get them out of my head. I write my opinion on politics in my country and around the world, how I think some public policies should be taken and how I see things in general.

As a fair warning: I'm normally politically incorrect. So please, if you're going to read anything I wrote, give it five minutes before hitting back.

I used to participate actively on politics, but now I'm just another spectator of that show. Good thing is I only write in Spanish!


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