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I've been crafting stuff for a while, mostly for the open web with JavaScript (even written in CoffeeScript) and/or Node.js (JavaScript server-side), Socket.IO, Angular.js, MongoDB, Redis and Ruby (Jekyll and Rails).

Most of my work was under the umbrella of my little agency Eserre. Now most of my time is spent at Geeklist where I'm full-stack software engineer and the bunch of open-source code I'm doing while at it.

In my spare time I've helped out on The Debian Project since 2006 and contributed small bits to the open-source/free-software community.

Since very young I have been a firm believer of freedom and the open culture, as such, my commitment is not only writing open source code but participating actively in groups like EFF and Acceso Libre which defend our digital rights.


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Some times I need to get things out of my head, and some of those things are politics-related. Since I know that topic is not of interest for everybody I have separated everything I do or write from politics and yet write/do them to get them out of my head. I write my opinion on politics in my country and around the world, how I think some public policies should be taken and how I see things in general.

As a fair warning: I'm normally politically incorrect. So please, if you're going to read anything I wrote, give it five minutes before hitting back.

I used to participate actively on politics, but now I'm just another spectator of that show. Good thing is I only write in Spanish!


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